Mining Pi
Day 2 with The Pi Network App and I'm learning about this new cryptocurrency.

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Yesterday, I Downloaded the Pi Network App

Day 2 on the Mining Pi Blog features an image of dew on morning grass by Aaron Burden

Day 2 on The Pi Network

To learn more about the Pi Network, I signed up with an invite code I found in an old text message. You can do the same at

We're in California another day, waiting on passengers. It's August 16, 2019 and yesterday I discovered Pi, a new cryptocurrency that is not yet in "circulation" (is that an old person's word?).

Traveling with Clients sometimes leaves me lots of time in hotels and this trip was just like that... Days waiting in a hotel, except we didn't know when we were leaving. After catching up on email, I started catching up on my text messages. With multiple messaging apps, I dream of a day when there will be one messaging app to rule them all. After moving through the phone's app, I go to Facebook Messenger, then make my way to the dark corners of WhatsApp. And there it was - way back in July - a message about Pi from a number I did not recognize.

What is this Pi?

Since I didn't recognize the telephone number, I ignored it for a month. I would learn later that "cost" me Pi. I could have been earning Pi at a higher rate, before the original number of users doubled and the "mining rate" got cut in half. So be it; I can't change the past.

I went out to the edges of the internet to learn more about Pi before I actually went to to look at the official website. (Just a sidenote, if you do decide to join, please use my Invite Code, freqflyer. Visit just like that.

When I got to the official website, I had already learned that Pi is a new cryptocurrency. I had learned that a couple of Ph. D's from Stanfod University were developing the application and that someone out there in California wanted people - HUMANS - to make and own this currency (as opposed to large computer-based, cryptocurrency mining farms). The Developers didn't ask much of anyone, only to use the app one time each 24 hours. For that, each person would earn some Pi.

It seemed to be a win-win offer with no downside. There is nothing to buy, you don't need to get out your credit card, your paypal or your venmo account. And it started to feel a lot like Bitcoin before Bitcoin got big. So, in I went. I signed up with the Invite Code from the person who invited me - even though I didn't know them and still have no idea who they are (but, hey, thank you!). But what is Pi?

Pi a beta digital currency, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (remember when Bitcoin first started in 2008?). It had no real value for well over a year, but then it took off.

historical price of bitcoin
Image generated by automated software from public data from trades at BitCoin exchanges Bitstamp and Mt. Gox -, Public Domain,

The Pi "cryptocurrency" is in the same historical place; it has no value yet. You can’t buy it, you can’t sell it and you can’t trade it. But you can earn it by using the Pi Network app.

This app is the precursor to what will become a digital currency and social networking app that runs on your phone without draining your battery. A marketplace for exchanging goods and services using PI will develop in the near future where you will be able to use your PI Digital Wallet.

What is the Pi Network App

day 2 on the pi network app The Pi Network App is the precursor to what will become a digital currency and pi marketplace app that runs on your phone without draining your battery. This pi marketplace will offer goods and services for sale using PI. In the near future, you will be able to use your PI Digital Wallet to buy what you want using Pi.

For now, the Pi Network app servers multiple purposes:

  1. It offers a basic way of engaging with other Pi Network Members through its Chat function
  2. It tracks the amount of Pi cryptocurrency each Member who uses the app at least once daily has earned
  3. It provides the Developers a framework for testing future software releases.

Ultimately the app, which runs on your mobile phone, will execute Smart Contracts and secure PI cryptocurrency transactions on a Social Networking platform that includes a marketplace for goods and services.

It is early in the development of the Pi Network. You can sign up now and still earn PI at a good hourly rate. As of this writing, there are less than 200,000 users worldwide. As more and more folks join, the hourly rate will halve. SO JOIN THE PI NETWORK NOW.

Why Should I Join the Pi Network Now?

You should join now because the rate at which you earn PI per Hour now is higher than it will be when the network reaches 1 million users. When the Pi Network reaches 1 million users, the rate at which people earn Pi will be cut in half.

How Do I Join

Here's what you can do right now:

  • Visit and if you like what you see,
  • Please use my invite code freqflyer
  • Download the app and join.

We can both earn Pi, it costs you nothing and I am on the Chat Channel to help get you started.

What Happens After I Join the Pi Network?

First, I will help you get started. My username is FreqFlyer and I, along with many other dedicated Pioneers, monitor the Pioneer Chat. Hop on there and say "hello."

I also set up a closed Facebook Group to help folks who used my Invite Code (freqflyer) learn quickly. I'll share that with you inside the Pi Network App.

The goal now is to tell as many people as you can about Pi, about and the Pi Network. The more people who join, the more likely this digital currency will become adopted and successful. Everyone becomes a recruiter once they join and for their efforts to build the network and increase membership, each person who brings another person is rewarded with "Pi." Essentially, we are paid with "Pi" and I will explain that in another blog post and video.

Good luck! My username is freqflyer.