Mining Pi
Day 3 on the Pi Network App and I can now build my Security Circle.

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Three Days on The Pi Network App and I Unlocked This

Day 3 on the pi network and you unlock the contributor role

Day 3 on The Pi Network

By the third day, you should have opened the Pi Network App three times, unlocking a valuable ability.

Still in California waiting on passengers to decide where we're going next, it is August 17, 2019 and the weather is gorgeous and dry. I'm not sure the point of this app. I read part of The Pi Network Whitepaper before I signed up. And, I really like the idea that the Founders want this digital currency to be accessible to everyone. I got that part easily since I lived through the rise of Bitcoin and saw how server farms concentrated that digital coin into the hands of a few. But the rest of that Whitepaper? It was easier to learn how to fly.

Cryptocurrency is not my superpower; I struggle with the rest of the explanation of how it all works, formulas and all. I did learn something on the app though that got my attention.

There's Something Magical About Day 3 on the Pi Network App

Tapping the Lightning Bolt icon on the main screen of the app is easy. That is really all you need to do with app on a daily basis - just "check in." I made a video for you so you can see it for yourself:

It really is that simple. But what is so special about the third day on the app?

When you check in for the 3rd time (whether it is the third day or some day after the third day), you unlock the ability to earn Pi at a higher hourly rate by completing one more action. Yes, you can earn more Pi each hour when you do this one thing.

Roles on The Pi Network App

There are four roles any of us can have as a Member of The Pi Network:

  • Pioneer - this is what you are when you join. You are a Pi-oneer. Cute, huh?!
  • * Contributor - this is the role you unlock on the third check-in.
  • Ambassador - you unlock this Role when you invite other people with your Invite Code.
  • Node - Not available to us as of this writing. But this is one of the Roles you will have if you set up a computer to help verify Pi transactions.

Day 3: The Contributor Role

The Contributor Role is unlocked on the 3rd check-in and enables you to earn Pi at a higher hourly rate when you begin building your Security Circle.

Higher earning rate aside, the selection of the Security Circle is an important feature of The Pi Network and one we should be mindful of.

"Pi technology allows energy-lite [sic] mining right from phones by requiring contributors to point to 3-5 people who they trust in the network to form their personal security circles." - The Pi Network

Why the Security Circle is Important

The Developers of The Pi Network have a vision for this cryptocurrency. They envision it in the hands of people of all means and they envision it distributed in such a way that it is not hoarded.

To that end, they want to secure it in such a way that it cannot be hoarded - that server farms cannot be built to mine it such that you and I are unequally represented. The consequence of that scenario is inflation of price due to scarcity.

So how do you secure transactions? How do you secure a digital currency? One way, in concert with other measures, and I'm guessing here, is to have each Member vouch for other Members. Voila, The Security Circle. You add people to your Security Circle with these attributes:

  • They are human
  • You are not aware of them being unethical
The Pi Network seeks to rely on humans, "not robots" to provide a stable and secure network.

Checking in on Day 3 unlocks The Contributor Role which lets you be part of that vision

Join me on The Pi Network. You can sign up now and still earn PI at a good hourly rate. As of this writing, there are less than 200,000 users worldwide. As more and more folks join and the number of Members reaches 1 million, the hourly rate will halve. So join Pi now.

How Do I Join

Here's what you can do right now:

  • Visit and if you like what you see,
  • Please use my invite code freqflyer
  • Download the app and join.

We can both earn Pi, it costs you nothing and I am on the Chat Channel to help get you started.

See you on the other side.