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Pi Network News - Developers of Pi social cryptocurrency make a 4th Quarter Announcement

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In-App Transfers on the Pi Network App

Day 51 Mining Pi on the Pi Network App

Welcome to Day 51 on the Pi Network App

A major announcement was made today via the Pi Network App. And observant Pi Network app users would have noticed the use of video in-app to make that announcement.

In this Pi Network News release, the MinePi App Developers announced work on in-app Pi social cryptocurrency transfers for 4th Quarter 2019. Observant Pi cryptocurrency app users would have noticed the use of video to make that announcement.

Pi Network App Developers announce work on in-app transfers of Pi digital Currency (using the app you can download at )for 4th Quarter 2019.

Transcript of the Pi Core Team Video

Vincent (@vince), Nicolas (@nicolas) and Chengdiao (@cfan):Hello Pioneers!

Nicolas: Congratulations on Pi Network becoming more than 500,000 engaged Pioneers. That means that we're on track for our goal to become the world's most widely-distributed cryptocurrency. And, in other words, to achieve this over the last couple of weeks and months, we have been deploying a lot of infrastructure upgrades.

Chengdiao: This is also the beginning of the 4th Quarter of 2019. We're working on beginning to enable the first in-app transfers of Pi by the end of the quarter. To do so, we need a reliable way to determine which accounts are true and trustworthy, so that bad actors cannot hoard Pi.

Vince: So that means, Pioneers, that all of us need to work together in the upcoming weeks to keep Pi safe while we enable these first in-app transfers. Congratulations Pioneers!

"We've all taken another huge step forward to building a social cryptocurrency that's backed by everyday people like you and us." -Vince

Vince: So we'll be seeing you around and congratulations again!

Vince, Chendiao and Nicolas: Good-bye!

The goal remains the same: Tell as many people as you can about Pi, about and about the Pi Network. The more people who use Pi, the more likely this social cryptocurrency will succeed - and we can use this digital currency called, "Pi" to buy and sell the things we want and need.

Good luck! My username is freqflyer. Join me on the Pi Network at