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Join The Pi Network at and use my Invite Code freqflyer to earn PI before1 million people join and the Pi mining rate gets cut in half.

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The Pi Network App Users Getting Closer to 1 Million

join pi network now before the mining rate gets cut in half

Join the Pi Network before the Mining Rate is Cut in Half

Pi Network Membership is over 650,000. Download the App now to lock in your Pi Network earning rate before Membership reaches 1 Million and the mining rate gets cut in half!
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Use my Invite Code: freqflyer
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If you have not signed up for The Pi Network yet (you have not downloaded the app), we are approaching what is called the next "halving."

What is Significant About the Next Halving

The next halving on The Pi Network is a milestone that will bring changes for New Members going forward.

  • The milestone is that Pi Network Membership will have grown from 0 to 1 Million people worldwide since March 14, 2019.
  • New members will see a significant reduction in the amount of Pi cryptocurrency they can earn on an hourly basis.

How Fast is The Pi Network Growing

To give you an idea of how rapidly we are growing, last week, over 100,000 people joined us and began using the Pi Network app. Membership is still by invitation only, which allows us to reach out to family and friends first. This is not free money or free cryptocurrency. But it doesn't cost anyone anything to join or use the app either.

join the pi network with freqflyer before the next halving

What is the Pi Network App For

The Founders of The Pi Network have a very clear vision for how we, as Merchants, as Buyers, as Makers - as People - might transact business with each other. They have a clear vision for making Pi cryptocurrency available to People, for making it easy to use that cryptocurrency to buy and sell the things we want and need. And they have a very clear vision for making sure People hold that currency in their digital wallets, as opposed to software bots: multiple falso accounts set up by one person to hoard or concentrate the currency in their hands.

The Pi Network app, therefor, is the digital implementation of their vision.

We are asked to do two things:

  1. Use the app everyday. Really, all you need to do is open the app, click one button, and close it.
  2. Spread the word about The Pi Network.

For this, we are credited with Pi.

Some of us do more. We participate in the Chat Rooms, helping new Members. We become "Ambassadors," evangelists of a kind, telling everyone we meet in person or online about Pi. And we nurture the growth of the people who used our Invite Code to sign up so that they might earn more Pi through this incredible word-of-mouth reward system. As we grow our own mini-networks of Pi users, we earn additional Pi cryptocurrency bonuses.

You Know What Else is Great? The Pi Network App Does Not Cost Anything

Some people have said, "Oh, this is an MLM," or "What's the difference between this and an MLM?" And I have to say this: The growth of The Pi Network has depended on word-of-mouth. ALL businesses depend on word-of-mouth marketing.

It is true that I receive a Pi bonus if you join The Pi Network with my Invite Code. Tons of businesses compensate their Sales people and employees with rewards. It is a terrific way to say, "thank you for helping us prosper. Here, we want you to prosper too."

When you join the Pi Network and tell other people about Pi, some will use your Invite Code and join. The person who invited you to The Pi Network does not earn a bonus on the people you invite.

But the biggest difference between The Pi Network and most Multi-Level Marketing schemes is this: there is nothing to buy on the Pi Network and you are not required to buy anything. You are not charged anything. You do not pay for the app. You cannot even buy the Pi cryptocurrency. So, no, Pi Network is not an MLM or ponzi scheme. It is a legitimate idea with a strong following that credits its Members for helping build the platform.

If you have not signed up yet, and you have any interest in using Pi as a digital currency (to buy and sell things) OR you are interested in Pi as a cryptocurrency (perhaps from a point of speculation), the time to join is now... Before the next halving when the amount of Pi Crypto that you will earn will be half what it is today.

Join Me on The Pi Network

My Invite Code is freqflyer - all lowercase.

  1. Learn about what the Founders envision here:
  2. Download the app on your iPhone or your Android phone. Here's how:
    • Visit Google Play or the AppStore
    • Search for Pi Network
    • Download the Pi Network App
    • Sign up with my Invite Code: freqflyer
  3. Join me in our Chat Room and I'll help you get started.

Cheers! - Val